Getter Done Gals


Wednesday, October 12, 2016


By Valery Orr
Enabling = giving someone the authority or means to do something; permit, allow, equip
Voting for Hillary
= enables a turn to an extreme liberal U S Supreme Court that has generational consequences - Justices are seated for life/retirement & could serve 30-40 years - 2,3, possibly 4 Justices will be replaced in the next Administration. Hillary believes a Justice's job/decision is dependent on the her beliefs/society, not the U S Constitution.
=enables and continuing and... expanding Obamacare.
=enables the biggest tax increases in U S history - personal and business.
=enables increased regulations on small business.
=enables without vetting entry to the U S, unlimited immigration, open borders, dissolving borders, a 550% increase goal.
=enables dishonesty and deception at the highest levels - private servers, deleted emails - staff taking the 5th to protect and avoid prosecution.
=enables a dysfunctional corrupt government.
=enables an attack and no tolerance on certain groups - Evangelicals, conservatives, any who disagree.
=enables a depletion of U S military.
=enables the potential and probability of another Bengahzi - 4 dead Americans - U S Ambassador asked for increased support/help over 600 times, it was denied, Hillary was Secretary of State.
=enables a cut in Social Security.
=enables a cut in Medicare.
=enables no economic growth.
=enables and increasing an 800 Billion trade deficit.
=enables a move to global government.
=enables the idea that climate change is the biggest threat America faces.
=enables coal miners to lose jobs.
=enables the U S to be dependent on foreign energy instead of working towards energy independence.
=enables the Clinton Foundation to continue accepting donations from foreign countries, some of which are no friend to America.
=enables a 30 year career politician who has never worked in the private sector to continue making decisions for private citizens.
Hillary enabled Bill while holding elected offices to sexually assault numerous women - Bill, while President of the United States, was impeached because he lied under oath, and Hillary blamed and attacked these victims - a war was waged on these women.
Enabling, being a co-dependent to dysfunction, requires a major intervention.