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Friday, March 8, 2024


DENVER & WATER March 8, 2023 Roni Bell
Denver's headed in the right direction with recycled Water. Recycled Water could "free up enough drinking water to serve almost 43,000 households."
Many cities are adopting the recycling of water.
Frankly, I think that instead of developers demanding Ag water, states (with semi-arid deserts & deserts) should make it a requirement that new developments have its own recycling ability.
It's an aching insult to hear such as John W. Hickenlooper and now Jared Polis whine, "We have to meet population growth!"
Why? Colorado's a semi-arid desert!
Why do we "have to meet population growth?"
To fatten developers while skinnying our Resource Providers?
None seem to give thought to the law of diminishing return.
The best way Governor Polis can support Colorado's Agriculture and Energy Providers and developers, is to make mandatory: "Zero acre foot water loss from Ag. New developments must have a self-contained water recycling ability."

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