Getter Done Gals


Monday, June 5, 2017


By Jeanette Finicum
An edited repost of Jeanette Finicum's FB post regards Kathy Griffin's press conference:
What ? Now "Kathy Griffin" claims she is a victim?
My husband (LaVoy Finicum) was killed exercising his 1st Amendment right.
Then the Media killed him again printing lies; and continues to do so where the other patriots are concerned.
But the Liberal left Media will jump to your defense and make you their crying victim darling.
There are real people in America suffering, Kathy.  You lost your job for being tasteless. There have been many before you on the right who uttered an allegedly politically incorrect word, or joke, and were fired. Lost their careers. Why are you now so different? Advertisers in this country have a right to choose who they want to support on both sides of the political spectrum. This is disgusting!!!!


Carol said...

Exactly. Thank you Jeanette!

Ellen Rogers Stringham said...

You get her sissy if that would have been any of us that is related to you any of your children or any of the Patriots or us supporting the Patriots we would have had the FBI or some of their goons at our door for showing those type of photographs and saying things she did she's disgusting and I hope she never gets back on TV