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Sunday, February 11, 2018


Andrea Hutchison, Kimmi Lewis, Roni Bell Sylvester 2016 

Should I Stay Or Should I Go
By Andrea Hutchison 

"Should I stay or Should I go?" That 70's tune kept floating around in my head Friday as I drove home from our state capitol. Should I stay home from now on, hole up not leave the ranch? Should I stop fighting for each and every American cattle producer's liberty? I found out Friday it might be a dangerous thing to keep it up.
The Oklahoma beef placard bill, a bill which would force retailers to identify our U.S. beef- distinguish it from foreign imported beef which some-maybe all- of the four multinational beef packers that remain are bringing into the U.S.mixing their product with our awesome American Beef, and labeling it "Product of U.S" well it got a number! That means this bill which was introduced by concerned citizens, consumers and producers is moving forward into the rules committee here at our Oklahoma capitol. Other states around the country are introducing similar bills, we are being forced to do this because NCBA/ Farm Bureau and other Ag groups supposedly on the "cattlemen's side" helped repeal the Country of Origin Labeling standards...go figure? This action has ruined many U.S. cattle producers. So these placard bills have a lot of us producers very excited. It's a win win for both producers and consumers. It protects our businesses, our livelihoods, our rural communities.- Oklahoma and much of our nation was built on cattle, for centuries it has created the fabric of our nation.- and it allows the consumer to know where their beef comes from.
But there are some people that don't share our excitement. They want to keep American cattle producers on the path of vertical integration. Vertically integrating the beef industry will destroy many grassroots cattle producers just like it did the hog and chicken farmers who now serve as surfs upon their land. it will remove producers from their land...that's the plan.
Back to the scary encounter. I made the trip to the capitol Friday to visit with my legislators. I pulled into a full parking lot and had to park a good distance out, as I gathered papers together, put different shoes on, combed my hair, painted my nails, and put lipstick on- I was so behind on a multiple mound of tasks that I wasn't all put together when I arrived..When I was nearly ready to exit I noticed a white Mercedes, tall top van, no windows, pull up behind me, The guy looked like he had a badge on and I thought, "oh no I'm going to get in trouble.was I parking in a no parking spot? But he backed into an empty slot behind me facing my vehicle. Relieved he was only parking I continued to gather my stuff and exit my suburban trying to appear half way presentable. By that time the man in the van was ahead of me. I remember thinking that he wasn't really dressed to go to visit his legislators, he had a heavy industrial looking jacket on. Maybe he was an employee working on the structure as it is under construction,I remember thinking. After walking from the far south side to the entrance I entered the security area, put my items on the conveyor belt and I walked thru the metal detector. As soon as I walked thru security, the guy was waiting for me just a few feet ahead on the other side.
He swung around with a big smile, asked about the papers I had, said something about liking brochures, wanted to shake my hand, and asked if he could have one. I explained they were about farming and ranching -that he might not be interested, but he, replied enthusiastically, "I'm a farmer, I'm an organic citrus farmer from California, I use your manure on my organic crops." As he held the brochure in his hand- I did give him one, I questioned him, 'So you're an organic citrus farmer , and you work for Lincoln Electric? ...this was the wording on the badge I thought I'd seen earlier on his coat. He smiled and muttered nervously something about being cold here in Oklahoma. I quickly took my brochure back telling him I remembered I had only enough for my legislators and was going to need all of them.
He tried to coax me to let him have it and I said you can look us up on line (which made no sense) and I hurried to the bathroom on the other end. When I came out he was taking pictures of the legislators placards down the hall. I quickly went back to security and told them I was very uncomfortable with this man. They said, "the one you were with? I told them I was not with him and they discussed among themselves that he had tried to go around security. They asked if I was OK, I said I want to go do what I had come to do, that I wasn't scared but just concerned. So I went to my legislators offices which took about five minutes as they weren't in. My visit in the capitol wasn't very long- 25 minutes maybe. I returned to the security desk and asked if the man had left yet. They said he hadn't exited that door but he could have gone out another way. One of the OHP's asked if he could walk me back to the car and I accepted. When we got to my suburban he walked around the van, took the tag number and as he was walking back in front said, "Ma'm , get in your vehicle and leave hurry" and I said, "what/" he said, "he's coming". He told me to leave again, and I told him I wasn't leaving and moved closer to the OHP. I said I'm not leaving until he's gone. The guy said, defensively, "I don't know that women"
I stuck with that OHP like glue until I filed a report with the head OHP. I shared with him that our bill might be causing some hard feelings among some very bad people. He agreed, gave me the the California tag number told me to be aware of my surroundings. I was shaky most of the way home.
So...."Should I stay or should I go?" I know for certain without a doubt that we are fighting a spiritual battle.. Those wanting control have always wanted control, they've been around for thousands of years all throughout history trying to take it. Am I scared? No, just more aware of the evil. My faith is in Him and I have a host of angels watching over me and a powerful group of prayer warriors. I contacted several of them afterwards- they prayed for me while I was driving and one said, " I keep this scripture in my car,
Psalm 121:7-8 The Lord will keep you from all harm—He will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going...
I serve a powerful God, He is in control, not Jason Clay with the WWF, nor JBS' cartel, nor the others maneuvering the Global and US Roundtables for Sustainable Beef upon America's farms and ranches.
I'm staying...

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